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Email From David Sholtey

Email From David Sholtey 6/18/2009 Thu 10:57 AM

Hi Beata,

The other night when I was telling you some history, I realized I left out several things.
You should enjoy some of the things I am going to tell you.
First of all I shocked my wife when I asked her if your phone number was still 864-3667. She said it was...that is the original number except for the area code.

I do have some pictures to share with you, I am sorry that one was on a 35 mm slide, it makes it difficult to send them, but I did my best.
I wanted to make sure that you see the old metal building to the left of the green showroom. That was the original structure in 1959. I am sorry you cannot read the writing that is on the garage door of that building. The door was silver, the writing was red...that is where I believe you got the verbiage Boat Livery. It was like a billboard, it advertised boats and motors for rent, fishing tackle and live bait.

Back to one of your questions that you asked me about things that we sold, I completely forgot we had a large line of pontoon boats. Both boats were made in Northern Indiana...one was called Riviera Cruiser, the other was called Kayat.
I also forgot we had a line of sail boats...one was called O-Day Sailors and Sunfish.
I have sent you a photo of a Sunfish only to show you that in the period of time I was there we averaged close to 30 Sunfish that we rented. 12 were kept on lower Herring Lake at a resort and rented continuously. The rest were rented on Bear Lake.
Not only did they rent and sell well, but they would draw people to the Marina.

I hope I have been able to fill the questions in your mind as to what it was like years ago. Things were so different back then, my heart goes out to you today...I know it must be a struggle.
Most of the people that were from my generation may not be there any longer.

Because of your age you will not recognize, the yellow boat in front of the Marina. When OMC was at their peak, they not only made Johnson and Evinrude and snowmobiles, they also had a state of the art boat factory. When you bought their boat it was delivered or picked up as you see the picture...boat, motor and trailer combined...and not too bad of a boat.
The picture reflects the year 1968 and we can't remember why the flag was at half mast.
The truck in the picture is a brand new 1964 Chevy.
If I think of anything further or you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Best Regards,


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